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Q&A: Samsung's Alex Hawkinson on smart-home evolution

Jan 21, 2018

The founder of SmartThings, a company now owned by Samsung, says connected lights are more popular than speakers or cameras because they don't have the same security and privacy concerns.

SEC letter shows bitcoin funds won't happen soon, if ever

Jan 19, 2018

It may be a while, if ever, before investors can buy an exchange-traded fund with holdings of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Tax law gives unexpected break to farmers who sell to co-ops

Jan 18, 2018

Key senators and farm groups are trying to fix a provision in the tax overhaul that gave an unexpected tax break to farmers who sell crops to cooperatives instead of other companies

Long-term mortgage rates rise: 30-year hits 4.04 percent

Jan 18, 2018

Long-term mortgage rates rise: 30-year hits 4.04 percent; 15-year 3.49 percent

Morgan Stanley's profits fall 59 percent due to tax bill

Jan 18, 2018

Morgan Stanley's earnings fell 59 percent in the fourth quarter as the investment bank had to book $990 million in charges related to the new tax law.

Entire operation of federal consumer regulator under review

Jan 17, 2018

Acting director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau calls for review of entire structure and approach of federal government's consumer watchdog agency

Consumer watchdog considering repeal of payday lending rule

Jan 16, 2018

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reconsidering a payday lending protections it enacted last year

Click, tap, buy: Holiday shoppers spent record amount online

Jan 16, 2018

Shoppers spent a record amount online during the holiday season

Wall Street's Goldman Sachs to offer home improvement loans

Jan 12, 2018

Bulge bracket investment bank Goldman Sachs is to begin offering non-secured home improvement loans to borrowers this month, its latest expansion into a business _ consumer lending _ that the Wall Street titan has long shunned.

Walmart boosts starting pay, closing dozens of Sam's Clubs

Jan 12, 2018

Walmart to boost starting salary for US workers, but also closing dozens of Sam's Clubs nationwide

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